SpeedSync™ plans starting at $54.95

20/20 MBPS | 50/50 MBPS | 100/100 MBPS

Add GVTC Cable TV, Voice, or Security Monitoring for a few more dollars

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    Get the Most From Your Online Experience!

    GVTC’s superior fiber technology is perfect for high-use households and work-at-home professionals who need quick access to the office. Optimize gaming performance. Speed up file sharing. Cut lag-time on video chatting. Experience faster streaming. There’s simply no need to settle for slower upload speeds anymore. With GVTC’s SpeedSync™, you’ll get up to 100Mbps download and upload - speeds big cable companies just can’t match.

    Why Equal Upload and Download Speeds Matter
    Faster Gaming Speeds
    The difference in first or last place is the upload speed. Use SpeedSync to your advantage over the competition with upload speeds no one can match.
    Upload Files Quicker
    With blazing fast upload speeds, working from home just became easier. Share large files easily with many different people quicker than ever before.
    Uninterrupted Streaming
    Watch your crystal-clear HD streams from your favorite service without the hassle of buffering interruptions or too little bandwidth.
    Supports Multiple Users
    While the kids are upstairs video calling their friends and playing games, you can stream media or get work done at the same fast speed.
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