GVTC Home WiFi

When you're looking for a simple, reliable way to create your home network, turn to GVTC Home WiFi. A specially trained technician will install the router for GVTC Home Wi-Fi service in the most optimal location available based on where you need Wi-Fi service. GVTC’s Home WiFi service allows you to connect to the Internet using a wireless connection through a GVTC provided Router. GVTC Home WiFi is included in most of bundles and/or available for $9.95 month.

Features of GVTC Home WiFi

  • Leading-edge WiFi technology
  • GVTC provides full phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Remote assistance with setting up new devices and/or troubleshooting any WiFi home networking problems
  • Watch this short informative video on how WiFi works in your home

Get connected today and order GVTC Home WiFi by calling 1-800-367-4882 or contacting a Sales and Service Consultant.

For information on how to get the most from your GVTC Wi-Fi service, download our information for customers.

** WiFi speeds and coverage will vary based on device connecting to the WiFi network, distance from router, number of devices on network and noise from other electronics on same frequency.