Local support group benefits from GVTC Foundation donation

by David Click | Mar 15, 2017

Lone Star Parkinsons Society caption 2017The Lone Star Parkinsons Society recently received a $5,000 donation from the GVTC Foundation.
The donation benefits a support group for people living with Parkinson’s disease, and meets weekly at Oakwood Baptist Church in New Braunfels.

Parkinson's disease is a chronic, progressive, degenerative disorder of the central nervous system affecting more than 1.5 million people in the United States, or approximately 1 in 100 people over age 60. Although the average age of onset is about 63, the disease can occur in younger people; there are documented cases of PD in people as young as their teens.

For more information regarding the support group, visit http://ccpsg.net/page/support-groups.