GVTC Net Neutrality Position Statement

by David Click | Jul 12, 2017

GVTC supports an open Internet and FCC Chairman Pai’s plans to restore Internet freedom by reversing the FCC's 2015 ruling that classified broadband internet access providers as common carriers subject to utility style regulation under Title II of the Communications Act. Specifically: 

• GVTC agrees that consumers should have unfettered access to Internet content.

• GVTC agrees that consumer’s privacy should be protected by ISP’s like GVTC as well as by Internet applications such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc..

• GVTC does not block or throttle consumer access to lawful internet Content.

• GVTC does not use consumer data without their consent for marketing GVTC services.

• GVTC does not resell consumer data to third parties.

• GVTC does not engage in unlawful or anticompetitive discrimination against websites, streaming video services, and voice applications that may compete with the traditional services we offer.

• GVTC does not offer pay-for-priority services.

• GVTC DOES INVEST MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY in our network to give our consumers the internet speed, capacity and services they want most.