GVTC an exclusive partner with Ultra HD trial platform

by David Click | Mar 02, 2017
4K tv image

GVTC is constantly looking to adapt to new technology to bring more value to its customers. Our company is now part of exclusive group of cable TV providers selected to test a unique Ultra HD platform developed by the Luxembourg-based, SES. Only 15 companies, including Fortune 500 company, Frontier Communications, were asked to take part in the testing.


Information collected from our testing results will help SES accelerate the roll-out of Ultra HD programming across North America. SES uses satellite broadband it developed to deliver its Ultra HD signals. SES states its satellite broadband delivery provides a much higher quality viewer experience compared to current Internet-delivered 4K offerings susceptible to bottlenecks, buffering and network congestion. So, if your 4K TV experience isn’t meeting your expectations, GVTC is part of a plan to make it more clear in the near future. http://bit.ly/2lE950V